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“Both the bedroom and the kitchen work beautifully and remarkably and have made our lives considerably easier. So that is what well thought-out furniture does for you.”   “…your magnificent bookcase in the drawing room.”		                                             private client, Greenwich

“Thank you for your time and expertise in producing such fine examples of British craftsmanship.”		                private client, London

“We are absolutely delighted with the chairs and found them extremely comfortable and most attractive.”	  Oxfordshire Health Authority

“We remain extremely pleased with both the versatility and elegance of the table. Unlike almost every other aspect of recent works here, I have not heard it said of the table ‘Wouldn’t it have been better if…’”		                                                                                 Tate & Lyle, London

“They look splendid.” 		                                                                                                                                                    Harvey Nichols, London

“How very pleased I am with the writing table”   “Your design and workmanship were much admired by the many guests at the party in Buckingham Palace.”		                                                                                                                                                                           private client

“How very pleased I am with the furniture. It is a delight to work at it; and to any eye is clearly beautifully made.”       barrister, Lincoln’s Inn

“I have waited a few days to write to you so that others may see it, and I can only say how very much it has been enjoyed and appreciated by those who have now done so, including several past Presidents (all of them now jealous)…I know from experience that this will not only be very attractive furniture but also very long lasting and effective in use.”		                                                                                            Royal College of Radiologists

“The Armitage Room is much appreciated by the Fellows.”		                                                                                St Catharine’s College, Cambridge

“I am pleased to see that all the furniture has been installed according to schedule. It looks very attractive (some rooms have been entirely transformed). It also appears to be very durable - I hope my successors will be refurbishing it in 50 years’ time.”	  Merton College, Oxford
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